The Future [BLCKB-011]

Lily Gale - Igor Vertus - The Future

Blackly Beyond Records proudly presents another single by techno DJs and producers Lily Gale and Igor Vertus. This release contains the track: “The Future” and is available worldwide from the 18th of November 2022 on major music streaming sites like Spotify and Beatport and on all the other platforms like iTunes, YouTube, and Bandcamp.  This new release will be geared towards the heavy techno subgenres, but still is very compatible with main floor sets. This sci-fi-influenced track is all about the drops. Rhythmic patterns and psychedelic acids take the listener in, the build-up keeps them connected and the drop makes them go wild.


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The release will be available on most digital streaming platforms, including Beatport and Juno Download.

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Lily Gale - Igor Vertus - The Future

Lily Gale – Igor Vertus – The Future


Album Info

  • Genre: #Electronic – Style: #techno #drivingtechno #acidtechno  #hardtechno #darktechno
  • Artists: Lily Gale & Igor Vertus
  • Album Title: The Future
  • Label: Blackly Beyond Records
  • Catalog: BLCKB-011
  • EAN: 197077656985
  • Format: File, WAV, Single, Stereo
  • Release date: 18th of November 2022
  • Produced/Composed/Songwriting by: Igor Bicanic
  • Produced by, Songwriting: Lily Gale
  • Mixed by: Igor Bicanic
  • Mastered by: Igor Bicanic
  • Artwork by: Igor Bicanic
  • Lyrics: –



  • Lily Gale & Igor Vertus – The Future (original mix) 06:45

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